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A Japanese Preschool Sports Day


My brother-in-law invited us over to our nephew’s preschool sports day in Osaka. Both my husband and I grew up overseas so we though it would be interesting to experience a Japanese school’s sports day. This sports day involved children between the ages of 3-6 years old, so we assumed it would be chaotic. But throughout the day we were very amazed to see how organised and on time everything was.

These were the things we were amazed with:

  • The dances and sport events were perfect, we could tell they were very well rehearsed.
  • The children listened to the teacher’s instructions and never deviated from it.
  • The children cried at times from falling over but they alway completed each event to the end.
  • The parents took turns sitting in the front to take photos/videos of their children. Once their children finished their performance they moved toward the back of the crowd and allowed others in front.

The sports day made me realised how Japanese children learn from a very young age about order and structure. This made me understand why Japanese society is so orderly, organised and on time.

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