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Shin-Tamagawa Hotspring – Akita

Shin-Tamagawa Hotspring

Shin-Tamagawa hotspring is not your usual hotspring experience in Japan. This is our second time visiting this place and we come here to get the health healing benefits from the acidic hotspring and radioactive stones.

My Sister’s cancer
The reason why my sister and I come here is because my sister is recovering from breast cancer. My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 at a young age of 39. After a successful surgery and treatment she was cancer free for the next 4 years. Then on the 5th year the cancer came back. She was absolutely devastated since she thought she tried everything. Again she went through intensive chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormonal therapy to get rid of the cancer. When she was looking for else to do as a preventative measure she came across Shin-Tamagawa Hotspring.

Shin-Tamagawa Hotspring Hotel

Shin-Tamagawa Hotspring

The hotspring is one of the main features of this place. When you soak up in the hotspring you will feel a tingly sensation because it is Japan’s most acidic water. The water is known to have many health benefits. Most visitors will take a bath up to 5 times a day and try and sit in the hotspring for 20 minutes each time. After a while you will start to see a red rash appear on your skin. Some people say the rash shows the water is curing the affected area.

Tamagawa Hotspring Bath

Radioactive Stones

Another famous feature about this place are the very rare radioactive stones. These stones are known for the prevention and treatment of cancer. You will see many people with mats lying down on the surface to soak up some radiation. It was a scary thought being exposed to radiation but after meeting so many people and hearing their miracle stories of their cancer disappearing we decided to roll out our mats too.

Tamagawa Radioative Stones

Tamagawa Shrine

As you walk along the path you will see the red gate (tori) heading towards a shrine. It is very cute, small and peaceful shrine. You will also find a few people lying down on the ground in front of the gate. Apparently the radiation is very strong.

Tamagawa Shrine

The trip to Shin-Tamagawa hotspring was a nice sisterly bonding time. It was nice to meet other people in the same situation as my sister and to hear their story. Most people were cancer survivors or currently have cancer but they were all so lovely to talk to and had such a positive outlook on life. Half of the goodness of this place were the people there. You can feel the strength from everyone and feel reassured that you will only get better.



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