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Standup Paddle Boarding at Zushi Beach

This year I tried something new during the summer. My friend introduced me to “standup paddle boarding” also known as SUP. We headed over to Zushi beach to a cafe called Surfers and signed up for a 1.5 hour lesson. It was definitely well worth it, they taught me how to stand, different paddling techniques and some what if situations.

Surfers Beach House


We started with the basics on the ground. Our instructor taught us how to stand when we go out to the sea, how to adjust and hold the paddle and how to paddle while sitting and standing.

SUP lesson part 1


Once we learnt all the basics we headed out to the sea. The next part was trying to do what we learnt on the ground on the sea. We first attempted by simply kneeling then gradually challenged ourselves to stand on the board. Our instructor would watch our form and point out what we can improve on.

SUP lesson part 2


I especially enjoyed lying down on the board on your back and soaking up the sun while being rocked softly by the waves. It was extremely relaxing and there were time I nearly fell asleep.

SUP lesson lying on the board


After an hour and a half I could feel my abs and thighs got a workout. Trying to stand on the board involves making your entire body stiff to maintain stability. I found this to be a great alternative to my normal everyday gym workout. I will definitely be doing more of this not just for the workout but also for the relaxation.

SUP lesson group photo

Surfers Beach House
Address: 〒249-0007 Kanagawa Prefecture, Zushi, Shinjuku, 5−822−2
Google Maps:
SUP 1.5 hour lesson – 6000yen


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