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Kanazawa Part 1 – Visiting our Family Grave in Kanazawa

We decided to go to Kanazawa to pay a visit to my husband’s grandfather’s grave. My husband’s family is from Kanazawa which is located on the west coast of Japan. I absolutely love Kanazawa. It is a really good place to experience some Japanese history.

Hokuriku Shinkansen
We took the Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Kanazawa. It took just 2.5 hours to get there and cost 14,120 yen one way pp.

Previously there was only a Shinkansen line from Tokyo to Nagano. But from March 2015 the line was extended from Nagano to Kanazawa. Now the travel time is nearly halved.

Hokuriku Shinkansen

As usual we bought our “eki-ben” from Tokyo Station and had them on the train. This time we bought a Karaage bento (Japanese fried chicken) and Stir fried beef bento.

Eki-ben we bought from Tokyo Station

Hatchi Hostel Hotel

Hatchi Hostel Hotel

We stayed at Hatchi Hostel Hotel in Kanazawa. It was very clean and very well organised. We stayed in a mixed dorm room with shared bathroom and toilet. The little bunk rooms were very comfortable and compact but still enough room. This is probably one of the cleanest hostels I have ever stayed in. It cost us 3,200 yen per night pp.

Dorm Room at Hatchi

We booked ourselves in for the Japanese style breakfast at Hatchi. Their breakfast is made from local seasonal produce and the rice is cooked in a Japanese earthen pot. I remember the breakfast being a little pricey but was well worth is.

Breakfast at Hatchi

Visiting a Japanese Grave

My husband has a family grave in Kanazawa where all the family from his side are buried. When you visit a Japanese grave it is customary to clean the grave before offering a prayer. We filled a bucket with some water and poured the water on the grave using a ladle. We then pick up any rubbish laying around and pulled out weeds.

Visiting the grave

In my Kanazawa Part 2 blog post, I’ll be writing about the places we visited and the food we had.


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