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Sewing a Triangle Cosmetic Bag

This year I decided to make some triangle bags to give away as Christmas presents. It’s a cute unique design that fits all those bits and bobs you have hanging around in your bag. Here is how I made it.

– 13cm x 23 cm fabric x 2
– 10 cm zip
– some extra fabric for bias taping

1) Pin the fabric to the zip. The flower fabric will be the outside and the other is the lining.


2) Do the same for the other side. When you sew the fabric it gets tricky towards the end of the zip. You just need to put the foot up while the needle is in the fabric and try and close the zip. Once both sides are done it should look like this.


3) Flip the fabric around to the outside fabric and iron down where the fabric meets the zip. I did a top stitch on the sides of the zip. Again it gets tricky sewing on the zip but you just need to do the same trick as last time and close the zip when you get to the end.


4) Flip the fabric again so that you can see the lining. Now you need to sew the edge of the bag on the top of the zip. The zip will be sitting on its side.


5) To make a triangle shape you need to fold the fabric at the bottom the other way. You might want to find the middle of the fabric first and match it to the middle of the zip.


6) I put some bias taking on the edge to cover up the edges.


7) And then you are done. Flip the fabric around and you should get a little triangle bag.


I made four triangle bags and filled them up with some mints and other lollies. Very happy with how they turned out. I hope my family like what I have made.



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