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Quinoa stuffing for roast chicken

Christmas in Japan 
This Christmas I made my first roast chicken in Japan. It’s not a very common dish to prepare in Japan since a whole chicken is not readily available at your local supermarket. Rather many Japanese families have developed a weird custom to have KFC and strawberry cake for Christmas.


Japanese people think it’s very difficult to make a roast chicken when I think it’s the easiest thing EVER! Luckily for us there was a whole chicken available over the christmas season from our online grocery service.

Stuffing Recipe
For the stuffing I made an original recipe using quinoa. Quinoa is a very healthy grain that is packed with lots of nutrients, protein and fibre. I really love the taste of quinoa, it has a nutty and slight earthy taste to it.

Tri-Colour Quinoa
These are the ingredients I used to make the stuffing.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 11.23.19 AM

Preparing this is very easy.

  1. Bring water to boil and pour quinoa into pot. Wash quinoa if not prewashed.
  2. While the quinoa is boiling squeeze lemon into a separate bowl and combine the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Once the quinoa is cooked, strain the water and cool with cold water in the strainer.
  4. Mix the cooled quinoa with the rest of the ingredients and you’re ready to stuff! (if you like you can add a tablespoon of olive oil)

Roast Chicken 
The stuffing turned out beautiful and accompanied the roast chicken really well. The next day we had chicken sandwiches for lunch and boiled the bones to make a broth for pumpkin soup. YUM!


Try this recipe out with your next roast chicken dinner. Hope you all had a great Christmas!


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