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Knitting my first pair of mittens

Recently I’ve been brushing up on my knitting skills and decided to try and knit some easy mittens. I’ve been teaching myself how to knit through YouTube and it has been a very long learning progress. So far I’ve managed to make some easy beanies and scarves.

I found a great easy mittens YouTube video by InterUnet “How to knit mittens – video tutorial with detailed instructions“. I made a few adjustments to original pattern to fit my hands.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 10.18.35 PM
The yarn has a fabulous name, “Stella Lame”. In Japanese “lame” means sparkly or shiny which explains the shiny thread through the yarn. I don’t think the manufacturers realise what “lame” means in English.


After a couple of hours I managed to finish the mittens. It was surprisingly easy and recommend everyone to try it.


I love my new mitten! The red brightens up my winter outfit. I’ll be making more of these.


Thank you YouTube for teaching me how to knit!



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