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Making a Japanese strawberry cake

Happy Birthday to me!! This year I decided to make a cake for my birthday. I love making cakes but I don’t make it often. My mother-in-law gave me a handmixer as a birthday present previously so it’s about time I put it to good use. In Japan the most common cake you see is called a “strawberry short cake” but… Continue reading Making a Japanese strawberry cake

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Sewing a Japanese Kindergarten Starter Pack

When my friend’s 5 year old son started kindergarten, she asked me a favour. She asked if I could sew a kindergarten starter pack. It seemed like a fun little project to do so I said yes without realising how many things I had committed to making. photo of Japanese kindergarten students at a sports day event … Continue reading Sewing a Japanese Kindergarten Starter Pack

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Quinoa stuffing for roast chicken

Christmas in Japan  This Christmas I made my first roast chicken in Japan. It’s not a very common dish to prepare in Japan since a whole chicken is not readily available at your local supermarket. Rather many Japanese families have developed a weird custom to have KFC and strawberry cake for Christmas. Japanese people think… Continue reading Quinoa stuffing for roast chicken

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Kanazawa Part 2 – Places to visit and eating out

In Part 1 of my Kanazawa blog I wrote about “Visiting our family grave in Kanazawa“. In this post I’ll be sharing with you the places we visited and the delicious food we had. Kanazawa Station When you exit out of Kanazawa station you will see a big beautiful red gate that welcomes you to the… Continue reading Kanazawa Part 2 – Places to visit and eating out

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Kanazawa Part 1 – Visiting our Family Grave in Kanazawa

We decided to go to Kanazawa to pay a visit to my husband’s grandfather’s grave. My husband’s family is from Kanazawa which is located on the west coast of Japan. I absolutely love Kanazawa. It is a really good place to experience some Japanese history. Hokuriku Shinkansen We took the Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Kanazawa.… Continue reading Kanazawa Part 1 – Visiting our Family Grave in Kanazawa

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A Japanese Preschool Sports Day

My brother-in-law invited us over to our nephew’s preschool sports day in Osaka. Both my husband and I grew up overseas so we though it would be interesting to experience a Japanese school’s sports day. This sports day involved children between the ages of 3-6 years old, so we assumed it would be chaotic. But throughout the day we… Continue reading A Japanese Preschool Sports Day