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Making a Japanese strawberry cake

Happy Birthday to me!! This year I decided to make a cake for my birthday. I love making cakes but I don’t make it often. My mother-in-law gave me a handmixer as a birthday present previously so it’s about time I put it to good use. In Japan the most common cake you see is called a “strawberry short cake” but… Continue reading Making a Japanese strawberry cake

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Day trip to Atami Shizuoka – Japan

Last year my husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. This time we decided to visit Atami for a short day trip. We found some day trip deals online that includes lunch and a pass to the hotsprings. How to get to Atami? You can get there by train on the Tokaido Line from Tokyo station which takes about… Continue reading Day trip to Atami Shizuoka – Japan

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Knitting my first pair of mittens

Recently I’ve been brushing up on my knitting skills and decided to try and knit some easy mittens. I’ve been teaching myself how to knit through YouTube and it has been a very long learning progress. So far I’ve managed to make some easy beanies and scarves. I found a great easy mittens YouTube video by InterUnet “How… Continue reading Knitting my first pair of mittens

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Sewing a Japanese Kindergarten Starter Pack

When my friend’s 5 year old son started kindergarten, she asked me a favour. She asked if I could sew a kindergarten starter pack. It seemed like a fun little project to do so I said yes without realising how many things I had committed to making. photo of Japanese kindergarten students at a sports day event … Continue reading Sewing a Japanese Kindergarten Starter Pack

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Quinoa stuffing for roast chicken

Christmas in Japan  This Christmas I made my first roast chicken in Japan. It’s not a very common dish to prepare in Japan since a whole chicken is not readily available at your local supermarket. Rather many Japanese families have developed a weird custom to have KFC and strawberry cake for Christmas. Japanese people think… Continue reading Quinoa stuffing for roast chicken