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Day trip to Atami Shizuoka – Japan

Last year my husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. This time we decided to visit Atami for a short day trip. We found some day trip deals online that includes lunch and a pass to the hotsprings.

How to get to Atami?
You can get there by train on the Tokaido Line from Tokyo station which takes about 2 hours. Since we live in Yokohama, it only took us just over an hour to get there.

Heart Pier Hotel Atami
When we arrived at Atami Station we got on the free shuttle bus to Heart Pier Hotel. We arrived at the hotel and purchased a 3,300 yen “S Plan” day ticket which includes lunch and a pass to the hotsprings.



Japanese sashimi lunch
We had a beautifully presented Japanese sashimi lunch and it was a pleasure to eat. The fish was caught locally and we had some Atami brewed sake to go with our lunch. After lunch we had a nice relaxing bath in the hot springs.



Back to the city
After the hotsprings we headed back into town and took a look around the arcade and bought some souveniers.


We found a nice quiet Japanese cafe and decided to stop for some coffee. They had some original blended coffee by the cafe. It was a little pricey but we enjoyed it.


Kinomiya Shrine
We still had some time left so we decided to visit a Kinomiya shrine, a 20minute walk uphill. The shrine is surrounded by big old trees. There is one famous tree called “Okusu” that is more then 2000 year old and 24 metres round. It is said that if you circle the tree it will give you one more year of life.





Back to Yokohama
After a fun day we went back to Yokohama and had dinner at our favourite restaurant, Mikuni. This time we lashed out on a slightly more expensive 5-course dinner. YUM!

Happy 6th wedding anniversary to us, can’t wait for more exciting years to come.




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